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How to start the renovation?

What you need to know?!

Prices per square meter on the site are general and may not match the detailed budget. This budget includes all renovation work, including lighting, bathroom accessories and heating, i.e. completely up to the stage of furniture. Repair works are divided into several important stages, according to which the budget is drawn up and project deadlines are determined. Total reference prices of Renovare crafts and materials per square meter in premium , standard and economy packages, significant price changes are possible in the detailed budget. The prices of the material depend on your request, below a certain standard Renovare does not work, due to safety reasons.

Requirements  – keep in mind that in order for Renovare to serve you, your real estate is necessary to comply with these conditions:

  • We do only a complete renovation of the entire area and not of any room or part of the property.
  • A newly built building or a building in good condition, does not have to be an Italian courtyard or an old house. In case of old houses it must be brought down to black frame first and renovation to be started from scratch.
  • The white frame is often so badly done by the developers. that it needs to be torn down, so the prices are recalculated.

Using the prices below, you can calculate the general price of repairs.

To find out the exact price and terms of the repair, it is necessary to contact us and call our specialist, who, after agreeing with you on the quality of each component, will provide you with a detailed budget, the calculation of which is paid and costs 2 liters per square meter.




Before deciding to receive repairs or other services from Renovare.

  • Area
    50 Sqm or more
  • Property Type
    Black, white or green frame
  • Design Concept
    Preferably to have a concept
  • Budget
    There is only a detailed budget, not a price per sqm
  • Contract
    Preparation of an agreement costs 2 GEL sq.m
  • Materials
    All materials are managed by Renovare
Exclusive service

If you have a high-value property, we have a matching Luxury+ renovation service where we create unique projects.

Below you see the packages of our services, to translate them please click it first and then change the language above in the right corner.

Furniture Services

Renovare’s partner “Everwood” is a Georgian furniture manufacturing company with 6 years of experience. We make furniture for the interior with sophisticated design and the highest quality. We create furniture that is constantly updated and designed according to modern standards. Our group constantly cares about quality and is focused on using the highest quality, European-made material and mechanisms available on the market.

Modern production standards and certified, highly qualified craftsmen allow us to offer guaranteed, long-term comfort and quality for your names and business. “Everwood” is furniture for people of all tastes. We create to create comfort for you and satisfy your individual wishes. Our showroom is located in T. on Eristavi Street, where you can buy ready-made premium class furniture or order individual furniture with your own design.

Visit the website: www.everwood.ge

Cleaning services

“Cleanliness Laboratory” is a cleaning company that has been a member of our group for more than 3 years and is successfully operating in the market – offering customers the highest quality services in the direction of cleaning, disinfection and dry cleaning. We are staffed by a team of professionals equipped with the highest quality equipment and cleaning products. We know very well how to deal with the largest and most difficult jobs and remove stains without any damage to the surface.

Customer satisfaction is the most important value for our employees. That is why any customer with us can feel calm, comfortable and enjoy the quality guarantee. We offer one-time and multiple services for the following types of services: post-repair cleaning; dry cleaning of furniture; disinfection. You can use the cleaning service at such facilities as – office; house/cottage; entrance hall elevator; pool exterior facade and so on. Our team is ready to help you overcome any problem.

Completed works

See the videos of our completed renovations from black frame to finished versions.